Driftwood Beach Decor | Nautical Driftwood Creations | Whales, Fish, Lamps & Custom orders

Our Nautical Driftwood Creations are one of a kind, made of unaltered driftwood collected by hand while beachcombing the North Atlantic coastline. All of our driftwood creations are handcrafted using unaltered pieces of driftwood exactly as they are found, nothing is ever shaped, colored or altered in any way.  Every piece of driftwood décor we produce is truly unique, a one of a kind treasure, inspired by the sea.  The materials are limited to whatever the ocean decides to give back.

The driftwood designs range in complexity and size, from as small as a few inches to several feet in length.  Have you ever seen a four foot Driftwood Whale hanging wall sculpture? I’m guessing the answer is no.  Our driftwood creations include Whales, Fish, Lamps and even the occasional Pelican.  Our creations become true conversational pieces wherever they reside.

Some recent examples of our work can be found below and in our Etsy storefront: DriftwoodBeachArt

Driftwood Fish 29″ x 18″ x 6″


Driftwood Whale
A few more examples of our Driftwood  creations:
Driftwood Whale Driftwood Whale
This pair of driftwood lamps stands roughly 26” tall. The ocean gave this driftwood a beautiful salty white patina. These driftwood lamps are sure to complement any ocean front home, nautical themed room or beachcomber décor.

Driftwood LampsDriftwood Lamp - Beach Decor